How high-quality microservices are born

Our main goal as developers and R&D is to get high-quality services to the “throne” of production. Anybody in the industry knows that’s easier said than done. The white walkers of software, aka bugs, are lurking at every corner. Only a vigilant and worthy Night’s Watch, aka QA, can stop them with “the wall” of testing.

If you didn’t get the references, don’t worry. You’re one of the few people on the planet who aren’t into Game of Thrones. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t into understanding how to get high-quality services from development to production in efficient cycles without wasting valuable time of developers and testers.

You can learn this and more by viewing our first QA oriented meetup at Gett. There’s an introduction by our VP R&D and an overview of how microservices improve development, scaling, testing, and deployment. After that, our QA experts show the practices we use to get the top-notch code with maximum efficiency.

Since you weren’t there in person, you’ll have to get your own pizza and beer, and then sit back, enjoy and, hopefully, discover something new.

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