In Gett all our CI/CD process is based on Jenkins, and our DevOps are comfortable with that.

But lately our developers began using TravisCI. So we needed a solution to make both of them friends.


Getting started


  1. Precondition : the GitHub user should have admin permissions
  2. In Travis :
    Config Travis to work with the desired repository
  3. Log in into travis with your git user
  4. Click on the settings icon
  5. Turn on build pushes / build pull request in General Settings


  1. In Git :
    Configure the webhook to trigger Jenkins by status ( and not by pull request etc’ )

    1. Enter into the desired Repository in Git
    2. Enter into settings Tab

    1. Click on webhooks & services link
    2. Add WebHook
    3. In the webHook check the checkBox : “Status“
    4. Update webhook
  1. In Jenkins:
    Configure the build triggers

    1. Enter into “configure “ mode in the job
    2. Under Build Triggers Check the listed checkboxes as in the attached img :

Note : don’t forget to check the GitHub hooks for build triggering!

That’s how our Jenkins became aware of TravisCI jobs.

Now you’re good to go.