On February 20th we hosted the “Machine Learning in Transportation” Meetup in collaboration with the Big Data & Data Science Israel Meetup group.

The event included 2 lectures:

  • “Intro to Reinforcement Learning” By Dr Ianir Ideses, Gett’s Chief Scientist.
  • “RL – what is it good for?” By our guest lecturer, Prof Yosi Keller from Bar-Ilan University.


In these lectures we presented how reinforcement learning can be used in various domains, and, specifically, in the domain of transportation.

We, at Gett, had a wonderful time hosting this event. Great people, excellent questions and fantastic engagement. Judging by the comments left on the Meetup site and LinkedIn, it seems that everybody had a good time.

We will do our best to host more events like this in the future, there is a lot of ML and AI R&D going on here at Gett, stay tuned.