On November 6 th , we had the privilege of hosting Unit 8200, the technologically advanced intelligence unit of the IDF, at our Tel Aviv offices. We were happy to accept their request to visit and as always, we received them with open arms and a warm welcome that we reserve for guests.
A group of twenty-two soldiers came that day, a majority of which were female. They were all curious and inquisitive, and showed a passion for learning and enriching their knowledge.

Boris Korenfeld, our VP R&D, opened the session of lectures, generating a fascinating discussion about the technology behind Gett. For ‘dessert’, Boris gave a business lesson to the bright young group. A lively sense of humor on both sides sparked an enthusiastic round of questions going back and forth. I could feel the energy in the atmosphere, and it was truly fun to be there.
The second lecture was given by Ianir Ideses, our Chief Scientist. He shared unique insights from his deep knowledge of artificial intelligence. In case you were wondering… yes, the world is advancing quickly towards a markedly different future. Last but not least, Asaf Roz, our Head of AI & Data, shared interesting theories and a fresh outlook on the world of maps. We ended the visit with a tour of the call center for Gett’s driver and customer service, where we got a glimpse of how everything works behind the scenes.
As always, Gett is proud to share knowledge and innovative technology with the next generation of engineers and high-tech entrepreneurs. As an onlooker, I felt a huge sense of Israeli pride in the professionalism both of our R&D group, and of the elite IDF unit. Thank you for coming, 8200, we hope we were able to give you something valuable, that will serve you in the future.

We had a wonderful time!

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